🍏 iOS Device Configurations

How device configurations are managed on Waldo side

Waldo allows testing seamlessly on different device configurations.

OS and model coverage

Waldo provides a large set of configurations for devices on iOS.

At the time of this writing, the latest iOS version is 17.0 for simulators. That is, the major version is 17
(let's call it currentMajor), and the minor version is 0.

We support OS versions according to these rules:

  • the latest minor version for the major version currentMajor - 2
  • the earliest and the latest minor versions for the major version currentMajor - 1
  • the earliest and the latest minor version for the major version currentMajor. They are the same when iOS releases a new OS version.

For all the models, we offer them on all the supported OS versions, granted the model can
run that OS version (for instance, iPhone 15 is only available on 17.0 and above).

In order to see the different supported device configurations, you can head to Live and see the
list of devices offered in the drop-downs.

OS version roll-out

According to the rule outlined above, when Apple releases a new OS version, we replace the latest
version supported. For instance, when Apple releases iOS 15.3, and if your application is
configured to run on a device configuration with iOS 15.2, we will migrate it automatically to
point to iOS 15.3.

At a later time (when iOS 15.2 does not have any usage on the platform), we are going to
deprecate support for that OS version.