🧪 Manual & Automated Testing

Features that support manual and automated testing in the Waldo platform.

Waldo supports both manual and automated testing in our platform.

Waldo Sessions
Sessions is our live testing tool that allows you to interact with your app immediately from your browser, on a device of your choosing, no test building required!

Sessions is powered by the same underlying technology that supports Waldo’s automated testing. That means you have access to fresh devices when you need them, full video Replays of your Sessions, and the ability to view the timeline of attempted interactions, network calls + logs directly alongside your device during a Replay.

Automated Testing
Waldo's Test Builder lets you record a user flow by simply navigating through your app like a user would. You can then layer assertions and specific rules over the flow to give Waldo additional detail on what to look for during a test. This allows any member of your team to quickly create functional, end-to-end tests without requiring any scripting or coding knowledge.

Because Waldo observes and understands the screen structure in each app view, it is able to reproduce your test scenario more reliably than any other mobile automation platform, minimizing your maintenance costs.

The results of every test run can be viewed from the Waldo Dashboard by navigating to the Runs page. Clicking into a specific run will show you the results of the test (pass, fail, flaky, etc.) and allow you to watch a full Replay of the test.

Automated tests can be triggered upon upload from your CI/CD, at a designated cadence, or using other custom rules.