Creating an Assertion

A step-by-step guide to creating Assertions in Waldo

  1. Click on the “Tests” tab to display the overview of all your tests, and select the test where you will be creating your assertion.

  2. Click on the particular screen/step in the test you wish to create the assertion for.

  3. In the Step Modal, navigate to the Assertions tab.

  • Waldo will display a list of all assertions for this particular screen.
  • The only assertion Waldo automatically creates for each screen is the screen similarity assertion.
  1. Click the Add assertion option.
  • Waldo displays a list of the assertion types you can create as well as configuration steps for the desired assertion.
  1. Select the type of assertion you wish to create and then follow the step-by-step instructions to configure it.
  1. When you finish, click the Save Assertion button in the lower right of the modal window. Waldo agains displays the list of all assertions for this particular screen, including the new assertion.