๐Ÿงญ Dashboard Tour

This article will walk through Waldoโ€™s main navigation so you can quickly find your way around, starting from the top left corner of your screen.

Welcome to your Waldo account! When logging into Waldo, you will land on your Test's page, and see a sidebar menu on the lefthand of your screen. This is your Waldo Dashboard, and these icons will take you to various parts of the app.

Application Icon

This is the icon at the very top left corner of your screen, pictured below.

Clicking here will allow you to toggle between different application, and even add a new application to your Waldo account.

Sessions Button

This button opens the Sessions portion of the application, which can help you validate that a build is compatible with Waldo.


Using Sessions for build validation

Remember: you can (and should) use Sessions to validate your build is compatible with Waldo prior to investing time in building tests. We will go over this in the Creating your first test article.

Tests Button

The next button will take you to your Tests menu: as pictured above, this is the page you come to upon login. This is your application's testing suite, which you can organize to your liking. Click here for more information on how to organize your testing suite.

Runs Button

This is how you can navigate to the log of all the tests that have been run on your suite. You will be able to see:

  • The build associated with the test run
  • How many tests failed
  • How many tests passed
  • How the test run was triggered
  • Rule associated with the run
  • The duration of the run

Rules Button

This will display any Rules that have already been built for your instance (including default Rules or Rules created for your organization). This is also the page you can come to when Rules need to be created or edited.

Builds Button

Here, you will be able to see all of the builds you have uploaded to Waldo, as well as important information such as:

  • When and how they were uploaded
  • The branch each build is associated with if applicable
  • Download a build
  • Remove or delete a build

Help Button

This button will allow you to:

  • Visit Waldoโ€™s documentation center for Help Articles, technical documentation and more
  • Open a chat with our support team
  • Access CI documentation directly

User Icon

Your User Icon will allow you to access:

  • Settings: to make changes to your general user profile, organizational profile, configure required integrations, manage your applications, and add or remove members from your Waldo account.

  • What's New: view update announcements from Waldo


User management in Waldo

Adding members to your Waldo account can happen at any level of licensing, even with a free trial! You will go to Settings > Members and enter in the email of your teammate. For more on user management, click here.

Whatโ€™s Next