GitHub Actions

Waldo integration with GitHub Actions requires you only to add the Upload to Waldo action to your workflow:

      #... (generate .apk and save path as APK_PATH to $GITHUB_ENV)

      - name: Upload build to Waldo
        uses: waldoapp/gh-action-upload@v1
          build_path: ${{ env.APK_PATH }}
          upload_token: ${{ secrets.WALDO_UPLOAD_TOKEN }}

Important: If you use the Checkout V2 or V3 action in your workflow, you must set fetch-depth: 0. Otherwise, Waldo CLI will not be able to correctly identify the git commit and branch associated with your build.

Note: The value you supply to the upload_token input should be specified as a “secret” environment variable by going to the GitHub Settings tab in your repository, selecting the Secrets > Actions menu, and assigning your upload token to WALDO_UPLOAD_TOKEN. (Your app’s upload token is 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef.)