Selecting your first test

You are ready to start building tests in Waldo...but which test should you build first?

Managing user state in Waldo

When creating your first tests, remember that your user has to begin each test in the same fresh state.

For example: your have a test requires a user to add their first profile photo to their account.

  • This test may work the first time as the account does not have a profile picture yet.

  • However, during subsequent tests (especially if you are using the same user credentials) the account will register as already having a profile picture and Waldo will not be able to complete the same action.

To manage user state effectively, you would need to delete the photo from that user account after each test run.


For more on managing user state...

Check out our article on user state management for more information, examples, and tips.

You probably already have a good idea of what option suits you best right now. As you can see, there are multiple ways in which you can create your foundational test. You can use the below decision map according to your situation.


If you have a sign-up flow in your app AND

Your sign-up flow requires verification steps (2FA, email or SMS confirmation, etc.) to navigate the home screen, then:

  • You have the bandwidth to bypass these > implement changes and use Sign Up
  • You donโ€™t have the bandwidth to bypass these > use your login instead, until you implement scalable USM


If you have a sign-up flow in your app AND

Your sign-up flow doesn't require verification steps to navigate the home screen:

  • You can use Sign Up right away without additional work


If you DON'T have a sign-up flow, but have a SIGN IN flow in your app...

  • If your backend allows the same user to connect on different devices at the same time, you could be able to unlock concurrency.
  • If your backend doesn't allow the same user to connect on different devices simultaneously, you won't be able to run tests concurrently.

Questions to keep in mind:

**Do you currently have the bandwidth to implement a scalable USM tool in your backend?
๐Ÿ‘‰ In our experience, this works usually takes ~1-3 hours of development time

Want to see how you can bypass and control USM within Waldo? This article should start answering some questions:
- On-demand seeding
- On-creation seeding