Waldo integration with Bitrise requires you only to add the Upload to Waldo step to your workflow.

First, build a new APK for your app. When you use the Android Build step to build your APK, output variables are generated that you can then use as input to the Upload to Waldo step to find and upload the generated APK.

    - android-build: {}
    - waldo-upload:
        - build_path: $BITRISE_APK_PATH
        - upload_token: $WALDO_UPLOAD_TOKEN    # from your secrets

Note: The value you supply to the upload_token input should be specified as a “secret” environment variable by going to the Secrets tab in the Bitrise Workflow Editor and assigning your upload token to WALDO_UPLOAD_TOKEN. (Your app’s upload token is 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef.)