Sessions FAQs

Below, you will find some answers to common questions we see from Sessions users.

Account Questions

What do I have access to as a free Waldo account user?
As a free user, you will have access to 100 minutes per month of free manual testing, on a single concurrency, per organization using Waldo Sessions. You have the ability within that account to:

  • Create a full recording of your Session
  • Interact with your build in real time on a fresh device
  • View the network calls and logs directly beside your device
  • Share unlimited full Replays of your Session with your team members
  • Invite unlimited team members to join your Waldo organization

Do I have access to Sessions as a paid Waldo account user?
Yes! You have unlimited access to our Sessions features as a paid account user at Waldo.

Can I invite team members to join my Waldo account?
If you have a free account, you can invite other team members to join your account directly, or by sharing a Replay with them which they have to create a free account to view. If you have a paid account, your account administrator will be able to add team members.

Can I upgrade my account to include automated testing features?
Yes, free account holders can upgrade to a paid account to access our automated testing features. Paid users are able to build and automate the runs of their test suites, in addition to upgrading to unlimited usage of the Sessions features.

Sessions Troubleshooting

Waldo will not accept my build file, what do I do?
First, check to ensure your build file meets all of Waldo's requirements. You can check the requirements by clicking here.

If your build is meeting all of the requirements of Waldo, you can test the build on a local simulator or emulator to see if there is an issue with the build itself. This will help determine if the issue is on Waldo's side, or with your build file.

I uploaded my build, but my app is not presenting correctly (visually).
We have an article here that you can view to see if any of our common issues apply to your situation.