❓What is Waldo Sessions?

Waldo Sessions is our live, scalable, manual mobile testing tool that allows you to record and replay mobile app sessions for collaborative debugging.

With Waldo Sessions, you can inspect everything from the app, including user interactions, network requests, and the Session logs at any given time.

Unlike video recordings, Waldo Sessions captures everything in the session and provides a shareable replay for easy collaboration between team members. With this manual mobile testing tool, you can quickly identify and debug issues in your mobile app.

When do you use Waldo Sessions?

With Waldo Sessions, developers, QA engineers, support teams, and even product teams can easily inspect flows, reproduce and debug issues in mobile apps.

The tool is designed to cater to a range of use cases, including:

  • Product teams to capture and share newly introduced flows,
  • Support teams recording reproduced user issues to submit bug reports,
  • QA or Test Engineers recording bugs on a target version to include with defect reports,
  • Developers for inspecting and troubleshooting bugs previously recorded directly on our Web application.

Why use Waldo Sessions?

Waldo Sessions offers a great range of features that significantly improve the efficiency of manual mobile testing:

  • With fresh devices available in the configuration of your choosing, there's no need to set up anything.
  • You can immediately interact with your build as soon as you upload it,
  • You can also record your session and distribute it to your team with commentary and logs, making it easy to collaborate and solve any issues that arise,
  • Waldo Sessions provides a timeline view of interactions, allowing you to pinpoint the exact activity that led to the discovery of a bug,
  • With a live view of real-time network calls and console logs, you can quickly identify and troubleshoot any problems, leading to a smoother, more streamlined testing process,
  • You can share the session with your team and they can see exactly what happened, which is particularly useful in situations where you need to reproduce a bug across different environments or devices.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your manual mobile testing to the next level. Sign up for free and experience the power of Waldo Sessions for yourself!


iPad support

We're pleased to let you know that iPads are fully supported for use in Sessions and will be available later in Automate!