Waldo CLI

Waldo CLI eases sending builds from your CI to Waldo.


The CLI is open-source and is hosted on github

Linux and macOS

To install Waldo CLI, simply download and execute the installer script:

export WALDO_CLI_BIN=/usr/local/bin     # be sure this location is in $PATH

bash -c "$(curl -fLs https://github.com/waldoapp/waldo-go-cli/raw/master/install-waldo.sh)"

You can verify that you have installed Waldo CLI correctly with the which waldo and waldo --help commands.

If you ever need to uninstall Waldo CLI, simply delete the executable from $WALDO_CLI_BIN.


To install Waldo CLI, simply navigate to the latest release and download the appropriate waldo executable for your machine (either waldo-windows-x86_64.exe or waldo-windows-arm64.exe) and install it in a location known to %PATH%.

You can verify that you have installed it correctly with the waldo --help command.

If you ever need to uninstall Waldo CLI, simply delete the executable from that


In order to use the CLI, you need to obtain the upload token from Waldo for your app. This is used to authenticate with the Waldo backend on each call.

The main method of the CLI is to upload a binary to Waldo.

$ waldo upload /path/to/YourApp --upload_token <<waldoUploadToken>>

Waldo CLI recognizes the following file extensions:

  • .app for iOS builds
  • .apk for Android builds

Important: Make sure you replace the fake upload token value shown above with the real value for your Waldo app.

You can also use an environment variable to provide the upload token to Waldo CLI:

$ export WALDO_UPLOAD_TOKEN=<<waldoUploadToken>>
$ waldo upload /path/to/YourApp.app

Note: For backward compatibility, you can omit the upload verb from the command invocation; however, we strongly recommend that you include it for clarity.

Advanced Usage

Whereas only the build path and upload token are required to successfully upload your build to Waldo, there are a few other non-required options recognized by Waldo CLI that you may find useful:

  • --verbose — If you specify this option, Waldo CLI prints additional debug information. This can shed more light on why your build is failing to upload.
  • --git_commit <value> and --git_branch <value> — If you have git installed and you are running from the working directory of a git repository, Waldo CLI attempts to “infer” the most likely commit SHA and branch name to associate with your build. In most cases it works very well. However, some CIs make it difficult or impossible for Waldo CLI to deduce this information. In such cases, you can directly specify the git information to associate with your build using these options.