Testing on Multiple Device Configurations

Waldo supports running your testtest - A test is a flow combined with a set of assertions that define the criteria for acceptance. on multiple devices concurrently.

For instance, you may want to verify that your applicationapplication - An application (sometimes abbreviated to app) is the primary entity in Waldo. It corresponds to a mobile app on either iOS or Android. Typically, an app in Waldo is distributed on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), or is intended to be so distributed. (Enterprise distribution is not supported.) An application in Waldo is specific to a single OS platform. Therefore, a mobile app that supports both iOS and Android requires two distinct applications in Waldo. behaves correctly on both the latest OS version and on the previous OS version. (In fact, we highly recommend that you do so.)

To accomplish this, your application must declare one or more device configurations. A device configurationdevice configuration - A device configuration is a static description that comprises three properties: OS version (for example, “iOS 13.7”), device model (for example, “iPhone 8”), and system language (for example, “English”). comprises three properties:

  • OS version (for example, iOS 13.7)
  • device model (for example, iPhone 8)
  • system language (for example, English)

Your application always declares at least one device configuration, its default configuration. Whenever you launch a recorder session, Waldo uses your application’s default configuration.

If your application declares more than one device configuration, every automatically triggered run evaluates your tests against all of them concurrently.

You do not need to record your flows for each device configuration separately. Waldo automatically adapts any recording you make to every device configuration declared in your application. In cases where there are nuances between device configurations (for example, if your test interacts with a system modal that changed between iOS 13 and iOS 14), you are able to update the flow for that specific device configuration on the “Runs” page of the Waldo dashboard.

Note: Currently, you cannot declare a device configuration directly from the Waldo dashboard. Simply contact the Waldo support team for assistance!