Editing Test Dependencies

How to replace Parent Tests on dependent tests in Waldo.

Waldo now allows you to remove a parent test, and replace it with a different test, without having to re-record the tests that depend on your edited test.

There are two ways to open the edit dependencies button:

  1. Going to the dependency drawer on the test flow itself
  2. Accessing the Options Menu on the Test pages and clicking on Edit Dependencies

To Replace a Parent Test

Once you have opened the Dependency Editor one of the two ways above, simply remove the old dependency on the right hand side and add a new one from the left hand side list of tests. Save to confirm the changes.

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Requirements and Warnings

In order to properly utilize this feature you need to ensure that:

  1. The test you would like to replace the current parent test with is already recorded and validated
  2. That the final step of the new parent test matches the first step of the dependent test

Don't worry: Waldo will require that these changes be confirmed by validating the newly edited test! To run validation, click "Start Validation" from the Tests page, as pictured below.


Duplication and replacement of variables when editing test dependencies

If your parent test has variables built into the flow, any subsequent child test will inherit those variables. So, when you replace the original parent test, any variables inherited by the child test will be impacted.

There are two ways that Waldo currently handles this:

1. If the new parent test has a defined variable of the same name, this variable will simply take the place of the original parent test variable of the same name

2. If the new parent test does not have this variable, Waldo will duplicate the variable used in the original parent test and assign it to the existing child test as well

Here is an example of a 1:1 variable replacement

  • You have a test called "Child" and another test called "Parent 1" is it's original parent test
  • "Parent 1" has a defined, template variable named "userEmail" which is then also used by "Child"
  • You replace the "Parent 1" test dependency for "Child" with a test called "Parent 2"
  • "Parent 2" also has a defined, template variable named "userEmail"
  • This "userEmail" variable from "Parent 2" will replace the "userEmail" variable from "Parent 1" in the "Child" test

Here is an example of a variable not existing in the new parent test

  • You have a test called "Child" and another called "Parent 1" which is "Child"s parent test
  • "Parent 1" has a template variable called "userEmail"
  • You replace "Parent 1" with "Parent 2" as the parent test for "Child"
  • "Parent 2" does not include a variable named "userEmail"
  • Waldo will then duplicate the "userEmail" variable used in "Parent 1" and attach it independently to the "Child" test