Add a new step to my test

It's not uncommon for tests to fail due to new steps in your application flow, such as a new permission modal or an added step in the onboarding flow.

With Waldo, you don't need to worry about manually re-recording your entire test when a new step is added. Adding a new step is quick and easy with just a few clicks.

  • From a run result page click on the step that you want to add
    In this example, the test is failing because there is a new permission modal in my flow:

  • Click the Edit test button

  • Click the Add new step button

  • Pick the integration you want to do on this step.

  • In this example, we want to add a Tap on the Allow button of the permission modal, so Iโ€™ll locate the Allow button on the new step screen and click on it.

  • Once youโ€™re done you can click the Add and run button, it will add the new step to your flow and run it to make sure it passes.

Congratulations, your test has been fixed! ๐ŸŽ‰


Note: This action can only be performed from the run results page.