Branches troubleshooting

Your builds show in yellow? here's what might be happening

As you can see in the Branches page, Waldo needs to have the proper access in order to get all the information right. Until then, Waldo does not take into consideration the branch information when deciding what to replay.

Here's the common list of what might be wrong

Our CLI does not infer the git information correctly

Each CIs has its own set of environment variables to help know what branch and commit is being built. Most of the time, there is also git installed on the CI which lets the CI get some information about the head of the repository at the time of building.
However, depending on your custom setup with your CI, that information might be misleading.

One of the most common example is when you use a specific branch or a specific commit to build on the CI. For instance, when building a specific build, you might be doing:

## get the build information specific to Waldo from a branch
git merge waldo
## OR get the build information specific to Waldo from a commit
git cherry-pick 12654126

In both cases, this now overwrites the git information about HEAD, and this might cause your build to be tagged with the wrong git metadata.

Fear not, it is very easy to address this problem. You should simply refer to Waldo CLI and explicitly tag with --git_commit and --git_branch when uploading to Waldo.

You are using GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions has a very specific way of setting git information. It is not part of the environment variables, and are therefore only accessible if you build using a GitHub Actions script.
So it is a known that if you're using for instance Fastlane within GitHub Actions, the builds you upload are not going to be properly tagged.

In this case, you should use GitHub Actions directly to upload to Waldo.