☁️ Upload your build

Once you have exported your application build, you are ready to upload your app to Waldo! You have a few ways you could do this. Check out the directions below for a step by step guide to upload.


Before you begin...

⚠️ You need to export your application prior to uploading. For instructions, please visit our article on Exporting your build and follow the instructions provided.

As soon as you verify your free account and complete your profile, you will be directed to upload a build so that you are able to start engaging with Sessions as soon as account setup is complete.

You will have three options to complete the build upload step:

1. Manually upload a build file that meets the Waldo file requirements

iOS File Requirements

  • Your .app should be built for simulator (arm64 recommended)
  • Your .app size must be compressed into a .zip file


Pay attention to the file type you select

For iOS, if you attempt to upload a .ipa file, your upload will fail. You must use the .app file in Waldo.

Android File Requirements

  • Your .apk must support x86_64 ABI

Further guidance for exporting simulator + emulator builds can be found linked below in "next steps", or by searching exporting your build in our documentation.


Builds supported

To ensure your app is displayed correctly on the iPad version, check that your build supports the iPad destination, which can be viewed in the builds page.

PLEASE NOTE: Waldo supports builds that have both iPhone and iPad destinations, but not builds that have an iPad-only destination.

You can check your build destinations in the general tab of your project settings in Xcode.

2. Use Waldo CLI to upload the build file

You can use the Waldo CLI to upload a build directly from your terminal, or in your CI/CD scripts. Documentation for this option can be found by clicking here.

3. Select a demo app provided by Waldo to begin testing without your own build file
Waldo provides demo app files that meet all the above requirements so that you can start using your account quickly without worrying about uploading your own build.

4. Upload your app through your Ci provider


Uploading builds in Waldo

You will also be able to automate the upload of new commits via CI/CD integration. These uploads can even serve as triggers for your tests with Waldo Automate!


If you encounter issues while uploading a new build of your application to Waldo, you can refer to the following: