Connecting your git platform to Waldo

You can connect your git platform (we currently support GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab) repository to your Waldo organization in just a few minutes.

Why connecting your git platform to your Waldo organization?

Once connected, a direct link to the corresponding git commit will be provided to all your new versions as well as all the runs related to those builds.

Connecting your git platform account will also display the status of your runrun - A run is a set of replays performed concurrently. Given a set of one or more tests and a set of one or more device configurations, each test is evaluated against each device configuration using a specific application build. directly on the corresponding commit. Here is what it looks like in GitHub for instance.

How to connect your git platform?

Connecting your git platform account to Waldo is very simple:

  • Select your git platform and click Connect. We currently support GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab
  • Select the account or organization where your applicationapplication - An application (sometimes abbreviated to app) is the primary entity in Waldo. It corresponds to a mobile app on either iOS or Android. Typically, an app in Waldo is distributed on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), or is intended to be so distributed. (Enterprise distribution is not supported.) An application in Waldo is specific to a single OS platform. Therefore, a mobile app that supports both iOS and Android requires two distinct applications in Waldo. is hosted in the list that appears.
  • Select the repository in which your application is hosted and click Update access.
  • This will redirect you to the Waldo page. A confirmation of the integration should appear in the git platform section.

The git integration should now be active in your organization. You can now set up git notifications in your rules

How to revoke a git platform integration?

  • You can simply click on the 3-dots menu button in your settings and hit Remove integration. This will remove the integration on Waldo's end. For GitHub, this also removes the integration on GitHub's side, so revoking ends here.
  • For Bitbucket and GitLab, you also need to revoke the integration on their end.
  • For Bitbucket, got to your Workspace Settings > Installed Apps.