❓What is Waldo?

Here is a brief overview of what we offer, who can benefit, and the value you can unlock using the platform.

What is Waldo?

Waldo is a mobile testing platform that allows anyone on your team to run manual tests and create reliable, automated mobile tests.

When you upload a new build of your application , Waldo Sessions lets you run manual explorations of your new build, while Waldo Automate runs your test suite automatically and notifies you about any bugs, crashes, or UI issues that occur to expedite the QA testing process.

Who uses Waldo?

Examples of successful Waldo users include:

  • Engineering teams seeking to automate their mobile test flows and shorten their release cycles.
  • Support teams from B2B companies who want to spin up a specific device on a specific version of their app to try and reproduce a bug reported but a user.
  • PMs interested in reviewing latest features from their browser
  • QA engineers wanting to track and report bugs efficiently
  • Nimble mobile teams seeking the benefits of automation and don't have the resources, time, or desire to setup scripting tools.
  • Larger app teams looking to spend more time working on code quality and features than bug tracking.
  • Mobile app teams looking for a better way to automate their tests!

What can you do with Waldo?


  • Functional test : Waldo ensures that users can go from point A to B on any given flow and version.
  • UI/UX: view the end user's experience as you move through common user flows
  • Create UI and text assertions: Customize each functional test by defining criteria at each step of the way to make sure the UI displays as designed.
  • Camera/Photo Gallery/Photo support: Test flows that involve the camera directly from Waldo.
  • Deep link support: Test your flows with deep links.


  • Identify and resolve bugs: track the health of your builds from the Waldo Dashboard, visualizing the results of every run over time. Click into specific runs to view details and visually identify issues in your full test Replay.
  • Download app logs or crash reports: provide team members with the context required to develop a solution.
  • Test your build instantly with Sessions: jump into a live manual Session to interact with a build; testing new features or troubleshooting a known bug


  • Chain tests together: Use dependencies to make your flows modular so you can maintain them easily and make them more reliable.
  • Multi-device support: Record your tests on one device and then replay them on different screen sizes and OS versions without needing to re-record.
  • Multi-concurrency testing model: Waldo runs your suite in parallel to generate faster test results for your team.
  • Multi-language support: run your recorded tests in multiple languages.


  • CI integration: Integrate Waldo in your CI to run your tests automatically each time you merge a PR to master.
  • Integrations: Receive your results directly on Slack and in Github.

What sets Waldo apart from other testing solutions?

Running your tests faster and more frequently
Our platform makes it easier to start testing quickly by providing all required infrastructure out of the box, eliminating common barriers such as device setup or scripting language adoption. You can start interacting with your build instantly in our live testing tool Sessions: no device setup or test building required. If you are interested in automating a suite of functional, end-to-end tests, our Test Builder allows you to do so by simply clicking through your app.

Going beyond pixel by pixel comparison to analyze app functionality
Waldo understands how each screen in your flow is structured, and the logic that connects them together. It is able to analyze every element present on each screen, its positioning (both globally and relative to other elements), and what changes from screen to screen. It collects this information as you move through a user flow: interacting with your app as an end user would. This means more accurate results, more robust tests less prone to break or flake, and reliable results.

Providing actionable test results that help you debug faster
One of the most important things for developers, engineers, product managers, and QA to have during testing: context. You need to know exactly the conditions, steps, interactions, etc. that lead to the discovery of a bug…you shouldn’t have to spend time reproducing it, and with Waldo you don’t have to! All of this critical information is generated and stored automatically with every test run.

What does that mean for you?

  • No script maintenance
  • No device setup
  • No new scripting languages

So you can test more of your app, across more devices, earlier in development, with greater accuracy all while reducing the time spent on testing across your teams!