๐Ÿ’ณ In-app purchases

Testing in-app purchase on Waldo

On iOS devices, Waldo allows you to easily test in-app purchases. To enable this feature, simply create a StoreKit configuration file in Xcode and upload via the Configuration page of you iOS app, where you will find a StoreKit tab.

Creating a StoreKit configuration file

To create a StoreKit configuration file, launch Xcode and choose File > New > Fileโ€ฆ from the menu bar. Scroll down and select the StoreKit Configuration File icon and click the Next button:


Then begin defining your desired in-app purchases (both consumable and non-consumable) and subscriptions (both non-renewing and auto-renewable):


Testing against your StoreKit configuration file

When you are satisfied with your product definitions, simply send your saved configuration file to us via Slack and we will associate it with your app. Once we have registered the association, any time your app interacts with StoreKit, the products defined in your StoreKit configuration file will be made available to your app as if the app were actually connected to the App Store:


The system makes very clear that you are running in test mode and not against the App Store:


Note: This feature is only supported on devices running iOS 14 or higher.