🔥 Firebase fingerprint whitelisting

When receiving a new Android build, we attempt to inject a piece of code which allows to have a better view hierarchy and intercept some specific events like analytics. By doing this, we need to resign the build.
For this reason, if your application has setup any fingerprint restrictions for any third-party library, you will need to add Waldo's fingerprint to the whitelisted list. For that, do the following:

  1. Go to your project in Google Cloud Platform: https://console.cloud.google.com/
  2. Click API & Services

  1. Click “Credentials”

  1. Click on the API Key of the service you want to enable

  1. Find “Restrict usage to your Android apps”

  1. Add the Package Name of the app and Waldo's certificate fingerprint
Waldo's Certificate fingerprints:
	 SHA1: 52:56:27:DF:92:75:81:9C:EB:CD:47:A9:A9:EB:CB:0F:C0:B5:40:7C
	 SHA256: 45:D9:C1:E2:40:36:42:C5:C6:1D:B3:D9:13:E9:77:AA:F0:AE:50:66:CB:64:D3:55:28:04:55:B7:62:26:26:22

  1. Don't forget to save by clicking Done!