Troubleshooting a successful build upload

Your build file was accepted by Waldo, but once the app loads on your virtual device, it is not visually performing as expected.

Sometimes your build is valid, and Waldo accepts it, but you realize something does not look right when it is loaded on Waldo Sessions.

Most of the time, this can be solved by addressing the following, common issues:

Your app is behind a firewall

See how you can whitelist Waldo's IP addresses by clicking here.

There is also a blog article we have written about this issue you can reference here.

Your app is talking to localhost

Ensure your app points to the correct environment. Waldo will not work if your build is pointing to a localhost server.

This will be highlighted by the "error localhost". Please create a simulator build that can be used without the connection needed to a local build server.

For more information, here is the link to exporting an .app file for use in Waldo.

Your app requires some domain whitelisting (ssl pinning)

Waldo uses an HTTP proxy to forward the network requests made to the internet during your tests for display purposes. This can cause problems in some cases, for example with custom SSL pinning (standard system pinning is automatically handled).

To prevent such problems, the affected domain can be added to the list below.

Note: No details of requests to the following domains will be visible in the network views.

Your App is not loading properly

[react native]


[Android] Firebase fingerprint whitelisting