iOS | Exporting your simulator build for Waldo

A step by step guide to exporting your build for Waldo.

Exporting an iOS simulator build from Xcode

Before you can upload an iOS simulator build to Waldo, you must first export the ‘.app’ file from Xcode. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch Xcode and open the project or workspace for your application.

  2. Choose an appropriate scheme, as well as a simulator, from the drop-down menu on the toolbar. It doesn’t matter which simulator you choose, any simulator will do.

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  1. Choose Product > Build to build your application.
  1. When the build completes, choose Product > Show Build Folder in Finder.
  1. A folder containing your ‘.app’ file appears in Finder. You can upload this ‘.app’ file on Waldo!


If you encounter trouble while uploading a new build of your application to Waldo, you can refer to the following: