Muting your tests

If one of your tests is outdated or is no longer relevant, you can mute it so it is not replayed in your next runs.

Why mute a flow?

The purpose of muting a testtest - A test is a flow combined with a set of assertions that define the criteria for acceptance. is to prevent it from being replayed in your runs either temporarily or permanently. This feature is useful when the flowflow - A flow is a sequence of interactions (tap, swipe, etc.) that defines a user journey in an application. A flow can start either at application launch from a pristine state (fresh install) or from the last step of another flow. In the first case, the application is launched in a pristine state from a fresh install. In the second case, the other (preceding) flow is called a dependent flow. is no longer relevant or when you are making big changes to your application and you would like to finalize them before updating the test.

A muted test will no longer appear in the list of possible dependencies for a new test and won't be selectable when manually launching a run.

However, keep in mind that if the muted test is a dependency of another active test, it will still be replayed and will appear in the results.

By default, muted tests are hidden. You can show/hide them by clicking on Filter > Status and checking or unchecking the Muted item as desired.

How to mute a test

Muting a test is very simple:

You can either:

  • Go to the Tests page, select the By Folder or Sorted List view mode, select your test(s) and click Mute in the action bar on top.
  • Go to your test detail page and click the button at the top right of your test to display the menu. A mute button is available there.

Your test should now be muted and should appear only if the muted filter is disabled.
Muted tests will not be replayed.

How to unmute a test

The same guide apply for unmuting test(s). Buttons will be reversed in that case.