๐Ÿ“ผ Sessions Replays

The artifact produced at the end of a Session is called a Replay.

Replays provide extremely valuable context as well as the general results of your manual test. They consist of:

  • The full, video recording of your Session
  • The logs + network calls recorded during the Session
  • A timeline view of all attempted interactions

Replays can be found on the Sessions Replay page, underneath the Manual section of your left hand, sidebar navigation on the Waldo Dashboard.

The Replay Page

On the Replay page, you will be able to view + search all available, saved Replays and even share them with your team by clicking the "Share" button.



Sharing a Replay

When you share a Replay with a team member, they will need to have a Waldo account in order to view the Replay. This also helps us keep your Replay private.

Remember: Waldo offers free accounts, and paid customers have unlimited seats available. Sharing a Replay will not incur any charges.

Clicking into a Replay will allow you to view the full, video playback of your manual session along with a step by step record of every interaction and device action taken. You can also view the logs associated with the Session.

Sharing a replay will share all of this information.