Uploading your application

Once you have exported your application build, you are ready to upload your app to Waldo! You have a few ways you could do this. Check out the directions below for a step by step guide to upload.


Before you begin...

⚠️ You need to export your application prior to uploading. For instructions, please visit our article on Exporting your build and follow the instructions provided.

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  • Uploading your first build
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  • Uploading additional Android Applications
    • Upload from existing simulator build

To upload your first build:

Uploading your first build requires that you manually log into Waldo and select “add an app” by clicking the icon in the upper left hand corner, as pictured below:


Doing this will allow you to follow the prompts provided by Waldo (in-app) to finish uploading your initial build.


If you intend to upload a CI/CD build:

You must start the “add an app” process manually, prior to uploading directly from your integrated CI/CD.

The app does not need to be manually uploaded at that time, but the “add an app” workflow must be started. The manual upload can be skipped by cancelling the upload portion.


In the future...

You can also click on the app icon in the upper left hand corner of your screen (same as you do when uploading your first build) to add a new app to your account in the future. To learn more about the definition of apps vs builds, click here.

You will always be able to upload an app manually, even if you eventually have automatic uploads configured in Waldo.

  1. From your Dashboard, go to “Builds” on the left sidebar
  2. In the top right corner, click on “Upload a new build”
  3. Name your app
  4. Select your app file and it will automatically begin uploading


In the future...

While you will likely be uploading builds to Waldo automatically in the future, you will still maintain the ability to upload manually.


Example of app upload in iOS experience pictured above

Automatically uploading your iOS application from a simulator

Waldo partners with several providers to make it easier to upload your build directly from your existing CI/CD workflow. Below is a list of the approved partners, and their documentation.


File requirements

⚠️ Your .app should be built for simulator arm64
Your .app size must be less than 500 MB


Missing provider?

If you don’t see your CI/CD provider listed above, or you are building outside of a CI/CD solution, we have instructions linked for how to upload your custom workflows here.

Automatically uploading your Android application from an emulator

Waldo also offers several integrations with popular providers to make this as simple as possible.


File requirements

Your .apk must support x86_64 ABI
Your .apk size must be less than500 MB
For more information, please visit developer documentation


Missing provider?

If you don’t see your CI provider listed here, the custom upload instructions will generally set you in the right direction.

To troubleshoot a failed upload of your application, click here.

Validating your build with Waldo Live

Before you go through creating your tests in Waldo, you can verify that your build meets all of Waldo’s requirements by using Waldo Live.

Waldo Live is accessible by clicking the “Live” button from the menu on the left sidebar of your Waldo Dashboard.



A note on Waldo Live

Waldo Live allows you to test the functionality of your build in real time on simulated devices.

If you are able to interact with your app on Waldo Live, you know that your build is stable. You can proceed to building tests with confidence!

If not, please contact Waldo support.

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