How to prepare your account for branches

This is a guide on how to get your account ready to support branches.

We will verify that all the requirements are met before toggling the feature on for your account.

You can see the list of requirements at

Step 1: Make sure your CLI is up to date

Waldo needs to have the proper branch information from your CI to properly tag each build uploaded. You should make sure you're using the latest instructions from the section "Integrate your CI" in Waldo.

Step 2: Verify the connection with Github

Waldo reads git history and merge history from Github.

  • Verify that you see the proper information when you hover on your list of builds

Step 3: Adjust your existing rules to target your default branch for now

Chances are you only upload default branches for now. You should make sure to target your existing rule(s) for the default branch for now, so that when you start receiving branch builds it does not mess up with your current workflow.

Step 4: Upload builds from branches from your CI

Now you have everything in place to start pushing your branch builds to Waldo.

Step 5: Let us know you're ready to make the move

Once you have done all the above, we'll take a look in your account to verify Waldo received all the information necessary, and we'll be able to turn on the feature for your account.