It is possible to receive the results of your runs as soon as they are available on an endpoint of your choice.

Waldo will POST a request to the selected endpoint on your own REST API every time your suite is run.


The only way of setting a webhook subscription is through rules.
When creating or editing a rule, it is possible to add a webhook through the notification section.


As soon as your rule has finished running, and after eventual run retries, Waldo will POST a request to the URL you defined in the rule settings, with the following JSON body (example):

  "suiteId": "testSuite-1234abcd",
  "gitSha": "123456abcdef",
  "gitMetadata": {
    "branchName": "master"
  "link": "https://app.waldo.com/applications/app-1234abcd/runs/testSuite-1234abcd",
  "firstTimeDone": true | false,
  "status": "success" | "error" | "pending" | "stopped",
  "overview": {
    "success": 1,
    "flaky": 1,
    "stopped": 1,
    "error": 1,
    "pending": 1,
  // the 'results' field is now deprecated, please use the 'overview' field instead
  "results": {
    "success": 1,
    "skipped": 1,
    "assertions_failed": 1,
    "error": 1,
    "non_responsive": 1,
    "crash": 1,

IP whitelisting

Webhook notifications will come from the static IP