Uploading a new build

There are two ways to upload a new build of your app to Waldo:

  • Automated: from your CI/CD.
  • Manual: from the Waldo dashboard.

Uploading from your CI/CD (Recommended)

To upload your new build to Waldo, you must first obtain the upload token of your application from the Waldo dashboard.

You can find it within the Applications section of your organization settings listed in the API Key column.


All occurrences of $WALDO_UPLOAD_TOKEN in scripts must be replaced with that value.

For more on each type of CI upload, visit this page.

Uploading from the Waldo dashboard

To manually upload a new version of your applications, first go to the Builds section, where you can see the list of all your available builds, and click on the Upload a new build button:


A modal will pop-up allowing you to select a new version of your application:



We also created some content to help you troubleshoot your upload errors. More on this can be found here: Troubleshoot