Android | Exporting your emulator build for Waldo

A step by step guide to exporting your build for Waldo.

Exporting an Android emulator build from Android Studio

Before you can upload an Android Emulator build buildbuild - A build is a specific instance of an application created at a specific point in time. A build can be an IPA (iOS), a (zipped) “.app” bundle (iOS), or an APK (Android). Ideally, a build should be uniquely identified by version number (and build number on iOS), but Waldo does not require it. to Waldo, you must first export a .apk file from Android Studio. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch Android Studio and open the project or workspace for your applicationapplication - An application (sometimes abbreviated to app) is the primary entity in Waldo. It corresponds to a mobile app on either iOS or Android. Typically, an app in Waldo is distributed on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), or is intended to be so distributed. (Enterprise distribution is not supported.) An application in Waldo is specific to a single OS platform. Therefore, a mobile app that supports both iOS and Android requires two distinct applications in Waldo.

  2. Make sure your project is configured to build for emulator X86_64 ABI.

  3. Click on "Build" > "Build Bundle(s) / APK(s)

  1. Once the build is complete, you can click on "Locate" on the bottom right and corner popup.
    It will show you the APK file that you can upload on Waldo.


If you encounter trouble while uploading a new build of your application to Waldo, you can refer to the following: