Creating a test

Learn how to create your first test and ensure that your users can always get from point A to point B in your application’s flows.

Waldo is designed to test your app from the perspective of the user experience. Our philosophy is simple: if you know how to navigate your application on your phone, then you already know how to record your flow on Waldo.

How to record a test:

  • On the Waldo Tests dashboard, locate the Create Test button on the top right of the header.
  • Click the dropdown menu to select the specific build to run your tests on.
  • Select one or more dependencies if necessary.
  • Once your app is launched on your screen, begin interacting with the application the same way you would on an actual device.

For more on recorder interactions visit Interactions

  • Once you complete the desired flow, name your test using the input box in the top left of the screen, then click the Save test button.

Another modal window will appear to preview each interaction in the test before saving.

  • Click the Save test button to save your test and return to your Tests dashboard.
  • Click the Cancel button to record more interactions for your test.

Note: You must name your test in order to save.

Congratulations! You have just created your first test! From Signing up to Logging out, create tests to establish a core test suite of flows for each new build of your application.